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Why is that Urban Foundry

Channel Grid

Channel Grid Price Our advantage Dec Seller is not the Manufacturer DUğUmUzdAndIr.

Polymer Concrete channel

Our polymer concrete channel band to all types of production considerably polymer ducts

Polymer Channel Ready

With the most advanced and modern systems of all of our manufacturing sector as Urban Foundry Channel Polymer Stock imply we do.

Polymer Easy Channel

closely follow the international standards as we do and Urban Foundry production accordingly certified Polymer Easy Channel

Grilled pig

Taking into consideration the urgent needs of our domestic and overseas customers we make them Peak Manufacturing Grid.

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Urban Döküm, with its years of experience, provides services on cast iron and polymer channel products as urban life and infrastructure products. In all infrastructure and drainage systems and social life projects, you need canal grid, polymer channel, sewer covers, polymer concrete channel, rainwater grates, Telecom covers, floor drains, parking drains, cast channel grid, sitting benches, ductile iron covers, cast iron. gratings and special casting channel grid and polymer channel orders are offered to engineering and architectural taste.


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Channel Channel Casting and Polymer Manufacturing Grid.

Son Articles


When you apply Polymer Cast Channel Gratings, the products you will use are mainly cast channel grid, stainless channel grid, galvanized channel grid and joint gap. read more

Fuga Drainage Channel

Drainage Channel for Fuga products by communicating in an active way with Urban Foundry You can have detailed information. Our company has long ... read more

Polymer Water Channels Price

Polymer Drainage Channel, cleans itself with an oval cross-section. Feature drainage practices in labor, reducing the cost of the project budget to angle ... read more

Casting Channel Grid

Channel Grid as a manufacturer of Ductile Iron is located in the sector for a long time and we continue our work in an active way. Casting Channel ... read more

Polymer Concrete Channel Price

Polymer Concrete Channel is advantageous and practical option as the price. Structurally, the strength of lightweight and durable plastic concrete .... read more


Polymer Ready Channel is the method that transmits the rainwater formed by the smooth and slippery surface to the drainage in the fastest way. Polymer Ready Channel en ... read more


It saves time and time in application in your Polymer Channel projects. Polymer Channel suitability is not limited to the cast channel grid. Respectively... read more


In Polymer Channel prices, without sacrificing the quality determined in polymer channel manufacturing, timely delivery and affordable polymer channel prices are a ... read more

Istanbul Polymer Channel

Istanbul Polymer Channel quality to our valued customers in the first study, the way we perform our services for urgent and full equipment. Our company long in the industry ... read more


Our brand, which is the main producer of polymer easy channel, has adopted the competitive price advantage without compromising quality. The Polymer Easy Channel water tank's slippery ... read more

Polymer Fuga Channel

Polymer Fuga Channel is a system image in a hidden way of conducting the flow of water drainage. Applications in polymer concrete drainage channel ... read more

Stock Channel

Ready Channel, has been redesigned taking into account the building details in our country, cross-section and dimensions suitable for all alternative applications are standard Polymer ... read more

Cast Iron Grill

Our brand is one of the pioneers of the manufacturing sector in the Cast Iron Grill your projects with cast iron grill in all kinds of sizes and dimensions production ... read more


Polymer concrete ready drainage channel saves you from the cost of using mold and angle iron thanks to its U section. Thanks to its lightweight structure, meters ... read more

Polymer Channel Grid

Polymer Channel Grating is used in accordance with various load classes. Polymer Channel Grid in accordance with Turkish and European standards ... read more

Polymer Fuga Channel

On the upper part of the material whose substructure is prepared from Polymer Fuga Channel, galvanized joint gap or stainless joint gap can be added on request and blockage problems ... read more

Polymer concrete drenaj CHANNELS

Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel project to production is done in accordance with the dimensions. The application is quite simple yağmurolug direction of the polymer channel in your project ... read more

Ankara Polymer Channel

Ankara Polymer Channel to provide services in a way you long-term service to our valued customers and we sermekt reveals our quality. Ankara... read more


Polymer concrete channel specific material composition used as polymer concrete gutter provides superior features: the same density, polymer concrete ... read more


Channel grid is made with peak production of all original raw ingot casting posting. The latest technology devices in the channel grid production okay ... read more


Polymer canal project in Kayseri and is among the most important details of the infrastructure in cities and sudden natural in any case ... read more


Urban Foundry occur with long-time work and services to assist you and our quality ductile cast iron grill channel ... read more


Channel Ductile Iron Grilled our brand, manufacturer, it can be found in many projects throughout Turkey. Production and casting channel on the grill ... read more

Ductile Cast Iron Rainwater Grill

Ductile Iron Storm grid, according to the technical specifications set by the provincial and district administrations of municipalities is made according to the pattern of production and characteristics. Urban Foundry ... read more

Casting Light Poles

Casting Lighting Poles manufacturer of Urban Foundry Our brand is inspired by the works of art from centuries, human health and the environment ... read more

Fountains Models

Fountains production comes from centuries while out our brand Urban Foundry. Fountains Models made in manufacturing high quality standards, ... read more


establishing the manufacturing process according to the channel grid production and improves our brand, all kinds of production scale and standard te channel grid ... read more


Channel Grid technology that improves our brand in the production, always appropriate channel grid price advantage to our customers with valuable ... read more


Casting channel grid dimensions except standards, your project is done within the special measure calculated as the produce custom channel grid. Casting channel grid ... read more


Stormwater grid is also produced in accordance with the standard grid with rainwater to be guaranteed by the production from first class materials against theft ... read more


Casting our brand channel grid that provides the main manufacturers a price advantage, quality in line with the production line, all types and all ... read more


Our main manufacturers of brand Duzce polymer channel offers the most affordable price with the manufacturer's slogan applied without compromising quality. Do you ... read more


Bursa channel grid, our brand industry pioneer in the production, with the advantage of being the most affordable price without compromising the quality of the main manufacturers ... read more


Sakarya Urban Foundry markasınj possible to see our city in a polymer canal project. Communication channels to take advantage of suitable polymer price your projects ... read more

sphere izgara

Ductile cast iron grill manufacturer of our brand, considerably het channel grid aims at producing the best price. Production duct tape grille ... read more


Izmir region with our brand channel grid casting manufacturer you need, specific to your project just outside of the standard casting channel grid dimensions ... read more


Polymer concrete channels are available grid patterns are as follows. Ductile iron gratings Cast iron grates Stainless steel grill Galvanized grid Composite grid Plastic grid Stainless gap Galvanized gap Project... read more


Stormwater Grid specification can be determined by administration in details are specified in the technical details required kesitt and weight units. All you need to do during the implementation phase ... read more


According to the project details gratings are produced in two processes. 1. Channel Ductile Iron Gratings 2. Cast iron grids Channel As a material of the two products ... read more


Environmental edit and landscaping projects in the production of precursors used in the channel grid Urban Foundry, except in special sizes standard channel grid dimensions ... read more


Casting our brand channel grid, which is the main manufacturer, our city of Antalya can be seen in a multi-channel grid demonstration projects. Appropriate... read more


Casting channel grid read more


Stainless grid used in practice is usually loophole polymer channel 125 mm and 200 mm ducts polymer. used areas ... read more


The polymer in the channel and channel grid preferred product groups in our city investments in Canakkale Urban Casting a brand ... read more


Stormwater grid dimensions of each city or metropolitan municipalities or water districts identified by stormwater management extent compatible with the grid ... read more

ductile cast iron grill price

The conditions required by the production quality Grid Ductile Iron Castings Urban carrying out its activities mainly by seeing the principles of high quality and reasonable price ... read more

Ductile Iron Grid Channel Show

Casting channel grid is generated, including cast iron and nodular cast iron. In our country cast iron technique used in the 90s today ... read more

ankara channel grid

Our company Urban Foundry brand in quality projects located in the cities of Ankara, as in many cities were preferred. Casting Channel Grid hosts ... read more

Parking strainer

Ductile iron and cast iron as well as the generated load of the vehicle parking strainer it provides strength. Used to drain the accumulated water in Otolark ... read more

Polymer Channel Antalya

Antalya region is a project we have been preferable brand in our sales channels polymer Antalya Our most affordable and high quality service ... read more


Building entries, car parks and floor space used in the filter are made of cast iron and ductile cast iron as the request. The quality you ... read more

polymer drainage channel prices

polymer drainage channel which is fastest and most efficient method for connecting the water drainage bracket let you avoid the labor and cost of the concrete mold. This... read more

ism polymer preset channel

In many projects in the Izmir region can be found on the Urban Design Foundry. Polymer channels, except for the nodular cast iron gratings stainless grid, galvanized ... read more

Manisa polymer channel

In many projects in Manisa possible to come to the Urban Design Foundry. Polymer Channel optimal price and transport advantages in our business ... read more

Antalya polymer channel

In many projects in the Antalya region can be found on the Urban Design Foundry. Polymer Channel optimal price and transport advantages in our business ... read more

ism polymers channel

In many projects in the Izmir region can be found on the Urban Design Foundry. Thanks to the slippery polymer channel water repellent. Izmir... read more

Channel Grid Weight

Today Cast iron grill usage decreased Channel and Channel took place Ductile Iron Grid. Ductile Iron Cast Iron reputation advantage of lighter than e ... read more

Steel Border Element

Qualified street in your organization, the boundary element is made of steel castings father except in case of need. Reflector, steel rigging institutions desired text or ... read more

Peak Channel Grid

Today peak channel grid has been replaced as ductile cast iron used instead of the grid. Peak channels with ductile cast iron grill grille ... read more

Casting Channel Grid

Casting channel grid deals with relevant contact now when our expert personnel associated with strong casting channel grid size you always use ... read more

Channel Grid

Our brand is one of the pioneers of the industry in the production of ductile iron grill Channel support your project with the production of all kinds in the channel grid sizes and dimensions ... read more

Balikesir Polymer Channel

Balikesir Polymer Channel in Urban Foundry quality and taking advantage we continue to assist you. All kinds of weight status ... read more

Samsun Polymer Channel

Samsun polymer channel and channels in the entire property, including the grills and the quality of our products which we perform our production. TSA ... read more

Manisa Polymer Channel

Manisa Polymer grills and the entire cast of models, especially with the channel, we offer our services to you. The sector's long-term ... read more

Hatay Polymer Channel

Hatay Polymer Channel service we provide full service to our expert staff to provide better service to you. Active in the region ... read more

Diyarbakir Polymer Channel

Diyarbakir polymer channel and other channels to be suitable to any load range with grills and premium quality ... read more

Sanliurfa Polymer Channel

Sanliurfa polymer channel to you with our expert technical team to provide full support and help in the work we are making. Sanliurfa Polymer Channel ... read more

Mardin Polymer Channel

Mardin kinds of polymer in the channel continues to assist you and our services have been going on for urgent manner. Our work in the region for a long time ... read more

Kocaeli Polymer Channel

The quality of our valued customers in Kocaeli Polymer Channel service and realizing the full hardware and maintain our services immediately. It has long been in the industry ... read more

Gaziantep Polymer Channel

Polymer Gaziantep first quality to our valued customers in the duct work, and going full hardware differences. Our professional for urgent work in the industry you with ... read more

Mersin Polymer Channel

Provide professional services to help you in the polymer channel operation and we are making. In order to provide effective long-term services in the region ... read more

Konya Polymer Channel

Continue to assist you in Konya and we continue to add speed to our work. Konya Polymer Channel service, especially ... read more

Antalya Polymer Channel

Urban casting for urgent as the industry continues to maintain the quality of our work and our valued customers, and full hardware without compromising quality ... read more

Polymer Channel Islands

Polymer canal project in Adana with the first polymer channels and Urban Foundry us for more services and products ... read more

Bursa Polymer Channel

Bursa Polymer Channel service in our company you can have contact with more detailed information by now. In the sector of quality, trust and full ... read more

The roof terrace drains

The roof terrace drains our success by our company for our fully equipped work for you with our expert technical staff fully equipped to you ... read more

Gas Station Covers

Urban providing services in the sector as a long-time foundry and most affordable to you Petrol Station in the production covers ... read more

Response Covers Manufacturing

Urban quality to our valuable customers with the casting and Hatches We offer complete hardware. To do so in a way for urgent ... read more

Rectangular Grid Teams

Rectangular Grid Teams professionalism without wasting time with no specific documents with a single address, and the quality of our valued customers ... read more

Polimer Rogar

Call us immediately without any further delay for manholes and let us help you. Our company provides services in the industry for a long time ... read more

Corrugated Concave Grid Team

Concave Grid Teams are realizing corrugated services to you, our work continues actively to our valued customers and our services immediately. Corrugated... read more

Grid Grid Drainage Channel

We help you in all services, including Grid Mesh Drainage Channel. Our company is located in the sector and our work for a long time ... read more

Mugla Channel Casting Grid

Casting gratings in the medium to be used and are preferred in certain circumstances and are used. Mugla Channel Casting Grid for us now ... read more

Tekirdag Channel Casting Grid

Casting Grid services in Tekirdag Channel offers a full service to our valued customers and we continue our work for urgent manner .... read more

Manisa Channel Casting Grid

Channel grille assembly for urgent and our company is located in our industry for a long time work and study going on in some way. Manisa Channel ... read more

Van Channel Grid

Channel grid is generated according to the different weight groups, and assembly is carried out. Which it will be used in accordance with the area after area indicated by our customer ... read more

Casting Show Loophole

Casting loophole document our quality, our prices are as Urban Foundry and have been put forth by our difference. our success in this sector by taking important steps ... read more

Grid Casting Channel Show

Casting Channel Show Grid and detailed information by contacting us immediately for more ductile cast iron grills ... read more

Casting Stormwater Grid Deals

Casting Grid Rainwater may want to choose the Urban Special offer details about deals with communication through foundry. Our company has experience ... read more

Kayseri Channel Grid

Kayseri channel grid is also produced according to the standards produced by the channel with the highest quality materials are guaranteed against theft ... read more

Hatay Channel Grid

Channel grid for urgent services in a way to reveal to you the better quality work and we continue our work. Urban ... read more

Diyarbakir Channel Grid

Channel without losing any time, just call us and let us help you for the grid. Our company long-term studies and full ... read more

Mersin Channel Grid

Channel grid for urgent our work models and types in order to provide better service to you going in such a way. Our company has long ... read more

Sanliurfa Channel Casting Grid

Channel grid areas, and features may be different. to you for each channel grid and is characterized by Urban Foundry ... read more

Konya Casting Channel Grid

Channel grid is located between the most preferred route and infrastructure products. maintenance of the city in many ways ... read more

Casting Channel Islands Grid

Channel grid in kind to provide better service to you our services and we continue to perform our work immediately. Channel Islands for the grid ... read more

Antalya Channel Casting Grid

Antalya Channel Grid services and much more for our valued customers, we help fully equipped way. Antalya... read more

Izmir Channel Grid

Our company helps you with long-term studies and services, and we infer channels associated with our quality ductile cast iron grill .... read more

Gaziantep Channel Casting Grid

City roads, alleys, and has many road gratings gratings when it rained, including ... read more

Kocaeli Channel Casting Grid

We assist you in your Kocaeli Casting Channel Grid applications and actively continue our work. Urban Döküm for many years ... read more

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