See the Face of Urban Foundry's robust infrastructure You can now bid us about projects and planning.

Urban Foundrychannel gridpolymer channelcasting channel gridmanhole coverrainwater grillcast ironnodular castfugue channelpolymer concrete channelfloor drainmanhole coverstainless grillready drainage channelductile iron grillsquare coverdump valvepolymer channelpolymer concrete channelgrid gridboundary elementcasting pontoonmanhole covercover telecomThe main producer is the company.



Why is that Urban Foundry

careful study

Indiscriminately in all the projects we realized we conduct careful studies

Corporate Satisfaction

We work with the institutions, ensuring a positive experience from the list of our basic target of our study.

Professional Staff

We work with our experienced and expert staff until our engineers as Urban Foundry smelter.

Single Address

We serve you with all your needs for Urban Foundry cast as a single address.

Advanced technology

We will work with the most advanced and modern systems of all of our manufacturing sector as Urban Foundry.

Pricing Available

Urban Foundry will closely follow the market conditions as we pay attention to competitive and affordable pricing.

International Standards

Urban Foundry closely follow international standards as we do and accordingly certified production

Continuous Support

Taking into consideration the urgent needs of our domestic and overseas customers we offer them the support 7/24.

and also...

Urban Döküm yılların deneyimi ile kentsel yaşam ve altyapı ürünleri olarak dökme demir ve polimer kanal ürünleri konusunda hizmet vermektedir. Bütün altyapı ve drenaj sistemleri ve sosyal yaşam projelerinde ihtiyacınız olan kanal ızgarası, polimer kanal, kanalizasyon kapakları, yağmur suyu ızgaraları, Türk Telekom kapakları, yer süzgeçleri, otopark süzgeçleri, döküm kanal ızgarası, oturma bankları, sfero döküm kapaklar,pik döküm ızgaralar ve özel döküm kanal ızgarası ve polimer kanal siparişleri mühendislik ve mimarlık beğenisine sunmaktadır.

Urban FoundryglobalinnovatormodernIt is working with service.

Our more than 1000 customers from more than 30 countries, our source of pride.

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